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More Spiced Peach Jam, please…

Oh yeah. It’s that good. I made a fresh batch tonight in preparation for the Ss. Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox Church in Annapolis, MD, this Friday and Saturday. It tastes and smells AWESOME with hints of honey and pumpkin pie spices!! I’m SO ready for Thanksgiving!!

I’m trying to keep myself busy to stay awake until my son, Danny, gets here from Seattle. I’m not sure home much longer I’m going to make it though. <sigh>

I also fixed a batch of Spiked Blueberry Jam this evening. When I made it yesterday, it just turned out a little too thin. So, I Google’d it…found a great post on “How to fix runny jam”; worked like a charm. The first batch is cooling alongside the Spiced Peach Jam.


Fresh Spinach is IN THE HOUSE!!

I had a great morning and early afternoon today. It started with a performance with a small brass group from The Salvation Army in Lothian, Maryland, at a red kettle…the first of the season. That’s right, Christmas is beginning before we even have Thanksgiving! After a couple hours at the kettle, I stopped at the Amish Market in Annapolis on my way home. They had loads of fresh spinach…so there’s some Spicy Red Sauce with Spinach in my cooking future!!

I’ve also got to get ready for our Love Feast covered dish dinner at church tomorrow. While my mom and dad are traveling to Atlanta to be with my sisters’ families for Thanksgiving, my preacher specifically asked for dad’s macaroni and cheese. So, I’m on the hook for that and a double green bean casserole. Have I mentioned how much I love to cook?! But I really can’t believe that Thanksgiving is next week already. Where has my Fall gone? And, if you find it, you might as well keep it, because Christmas is already banging on the front door!!

I think I’m going to try another new jam recipe today, too. I have a scrumptious looking recipe for Carrot Cake Jam. Sounds too interesting to not try. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Now…it’s time for a Saturday afternoon nap (right after I put on my sauce to cook for the rest of the day!).

Back to Strawberries

Ok. I’m taking a break from the the pineapple. Back to the known – strawberry balsamic and black pepper jam. Ahhh. Homemade goodness!!!

I’m back up to around 70 jars of goodness. Can’t wait for my next craft show.

Pineapple Frustration

OK. So I’m on the second batch of pineapple upside down jam. The first recipe was more like chutney…tasted GREAT, but a little too thick. So, I added some pineapple juice and water to the second batch. It hasn’t finished cooling on the rack yet, but I’m still not so sure. It looks a little thin. This might take another batch to make it perfect. Ugh. R&D is not my forte. I just like to cook it and have it come out like what I’m expecting. Is that too much to ask?! HA HA!!

Mom is coming over later, so I’ll have her taste it. She’ll tell me the truth. As it stands now, I might have a Pineapple Upside Down Chutney and a Pineapple Upside Down Topping (you know, like for ice cream or pound cake?!). The thing is, both recipes have a great flavor; I’m just dealing with the consistency issue. I’ll figure this out…DON’T WORRY FRIENDS OF BULLA FAMILY FARM!!



Let the cooking begin. I’m trying to pack the shelves for an upcoming show in Annapolis, MD, November 23-24. I’ve got some fresh strawberries calling my name…and a yummy new recipe for pineapple upside down jam. I can’t wait (and neither can my mom!!).


Let’s see what this evening brings, shall we?! I’ll check back in later.

Just Getting Started

Bulla Family Farm is growing each year, with 2012 being the best set of crops yet! I grew tomatoes – lots of tomatoes – along with cucumbers, squash, zucchini, corn, bell and banana peppers, potatoes, pumpkins, garlic, bush beans, okra, and eggplant. No luck with the watermelons this year, though.

Eggplant was my favorite crop this year. They have one of the most beautiful flowers (purple with a light yellow center) and are a wonderful substitute for meat in a meal. I know, I never thought I’d use those words together, but it’s true! I also made several batches of Caponata all Siciliana with these home grown beauties. Caponata, for short, is a traditional Sicilian dish of eggplant, olives, capers, onions, and homemade spicy marinara sauce. So good that my Sicilian in-laws were licking their fingers after the first bite!