Summer Harvests and Calendar Additions

What a summer it has been! We’ve been busy harvesting veggies nearly every day…tomatoes, green beans, cucumbers, okra, spinach (a new one this year), green peppers, banana peppers, spaghetti squash, yellow squash, zucchini, and three types of eggplants!

The preparation of pickles – Bread ‘n Butter and Spicy Dilly Beans has kept things hopping in the kitchen lately. They look and smell great…just have to wait to taste them yourself!

Now the tomatoes are coming in pounds at a time. Last harvest was 11.5 pounds and that was two days after the previous harvest of 9 pounds!

Check out our latest addition of two craft shows – November 1 in Bowie, MD, and November 28-29 in Annapolis, MD. We’ll have all of your favorites and maybe some new favorites waiting for you to try. We’ve also added gift baskets, so your gift-giving just got easier – think teachers, babysitters, co-workers, friends, clergy, etc. Quality food ready to give!

Check back for more new dates and shows as the Fall tends to get quite busy!

Until then…Mangia!



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