What A Great Day!

Wow! That’s all I can say. Bulla Family Farm had a GREAT day today at St. Matthews UMC in Bowie, MD, at the Craft & Arts Show. I arrived at 8:30 AM – met by my mom (Susie Conley) – to set up for the show. Mom is a really big help, and most importantly is a HUGE support for all that is happening with BFF. We were a little apprehensive when the room we were assigned a table in was the last room in the hall, but it didn’t seem to matter! :0)

We arrived with 96 jars in the inventory including spicy red sauce with spinach (SOLD OUT today) and the new favorite strawberry balsamic and black pepper jam, which SOLD OUT by 10:30 AM, just 30 minutes after the show officially opened!! I brought a guest book today, too, and have a few new friends who are interested in the strawberry balsamic and black pepper jam and when it’s going to be available again. VERY COOL!! But the funny part was Uncle Pete’s Pickles…I only had three jars left from the summer (and I won’t try to make/can pickles using cucumbers from the store, so that’s all for the season) and TWO of them were sold by 10:00 AM. That’s right – before the show started!

All-in-all we sold 80 units today and left with only a few jars of spicy red sauce and traditional strawberry jam. Very encouraging day…but now I must go make more JAM!!

I’m trying to get my wordpress site redirected or linked to my domain name http://www.bffarm.com, so look out for that. And I’ll add a picture of the table from today’s show very soon.

Good night…and don’t forget to set your clocks back (and change your smoke detector batteries!) tonight! <wave>



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2 thoughts on “What A Great Day!

  1. Paulette Gaines Wood November 17, 2012 at 9:23 pm Reply

    I got to meet you at the St Matthew’s UMC craft show. We bought the strawberry and peach jams. Both were wonderdul but the peach was like taking a bite of my own peach pie. From it’s darker color I thought that it was going to be good because the store bought ones are always so light in color. You can tell that they just don’t have “the good stuff” in them. Can’t wait for you to have more. You have a customer for life.


    • BFFarmGirl November 17, 2012 at 11:41 pm Reply

      Thanks, Paulette! I’m glad you’re enjoying the jams.


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